Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Off to Chicago We Go

I saw my neurologist today for my regular checkup. I told her the preventative medication they put me on in July wasn't working, and that it was making my heart beat hard and fast all the time. She agreed I should come off that medicine, then said I had pretty much tried them all, with no luck, so they were running out of options for me. She said the next thing to try is Botox (Botox was approved last year by the FDA as a treatment for chronic Migraine). Now we get the process started by seeing if my insurance company will cover it. I should know in about 3-4 weeks. The same doctor that will be doing my Botox will also be consulting with me to see if a nerve block is a good option. I've had that done once before with medium results. That's where they knock me out and then inject something with a really long needle into the nerve in the back of my neck to block the pain receptors. I'm glad my doctor suggested these alternate therapies, because they were both on my list of questions to ask her anyway, and drug-wise, I'm pretty much out of options. Now I'm just praying my insurance company will cover these treatments and that I can have them soon.

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