Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blessings From All Sides

I'm discovering lately that Migraine affects every part of my life. Through that, I'm seeing God bless me in multiple ways. Having chronic Migraines (I'm capitalizing that because every health website does, FYI) means I can't work. Not working means trying to get on short-term disability so I can have some form of income. I've been off work for about a month, and I just found out the reason I haven't received any disability checks is because my doctor hasn't returned the paperwork to my hr manager so she can submit it to the insurance company. That affects my bills, as I currently have no income. I spent the afternoon on the phone with credit card companies, people trying to collect medical bills, my cell phone company and my bank. I prayed they would be merciful, and God answered my prayer. The lady from AT&T explained her mother is going through the same thing I am and she extended me much grace re: my phone bill. I received the same grace from everyone I talked to.

I'm currently trying to get on Social Security Disability, which I've heard is very difficult. I'm praying they are merciful and approve my request.

It's easy to get discouraged when I don't see God answering the prayers for healing that many people are lifting up on my behalf. Now I'm wondering if that's so because God wants to bless me in different ways. I hope I can continue to see and recognize the blessings, as that can give me the same encouragement as an answer to a healing prayer would.

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