Thursday, November 10, 2011

On the Rebound

I just typed a whole post and it disappeared. I'll try again.

There's a condition Migraineurs can suffer called rebound headaches. They're also referred to as medication overuse headaches. They happen when someone takes too much pain medication, although they feel just like a regular migraine. The only way to get rid of a rebound headache is to stop taking all pain meds. It's brutal for a while, but eventually the pain goes away.

I'm currently rebounding. Sunday I decided to go off all my pain meds. Tuesday night I ended up in so much pain I couldn't take it anymore. I gave in. I took pain meds. The same thing happened last night. Now, instead of being five days post-medication, I'm only 11 hours. I don't regret taking the meds. I was in incredible pain. But it's frustrating that I keep giving in. I know I will eventually beat this rebound headache and go back to having regular migraines, but I sure wish that would happen soon.

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